Mobile phone tracking google latitude

The person you are adding has to have a Google account or application.

Google Latitude Service Lets You Track Your Friends: How It Works

If you want to add a person to track their phone that does not have a Google account it is a little more complicated since you first have to have an account to add your friends to Latitude. It will be pretty difficult to add an elderly person with no computer skill what so ever. For that purpose, we recommend trying something more user friendly, like Lociloci or a personal GPS device.

Just Show Me: How to use Google Latitude on your Android phone

Google Latitude is overall pretty easy to use when you have added all friends you want. If you want to have a continuous tracking you have to buy your friend an extra emergency-battery as well.

A bummer for an otherwise interesting app! Once again, this is a cumbersome process that requires some tech know-how.

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Mobile phone tracking google latitude

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    Google Latitude Tips & Tricks

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    Google Latitude lets you track friends, employees

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