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Just like on your home computer or work laptop, you always have to be wary of unsolicited attachments, links and public, open Wi-Fi connections.

Hackers can use all of these to install spyware on your device, so avoid public connections and never click on a link or open an email attachment if you don't know the source or aren't expecting the link or document. Finally, all of these rules won't mean a thing if you don't adequately protect your smartphone.

If a thief gets their hands on your device, it just takes a few moments to steal your information or install some spyware. To protect against this, always keep a lock screen on your phone so that even if you lose track of it for just a few minutes, a thief won't have time to bypass the lock and get access to your device.

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With mobility taking a greater role in both business and pleasure, even the most careful user can't ensure that avoidance alone will fully protect them from cell phone spyware. The next level of protection can only come from the use of a quality mobile security solution. A mobile security app will scan apps as you download them to ensure they are clean of viruses and spyware, and continue to check your apps as the mobile threats database gets updated with emerging threats.

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It will also block dangerous websites that could install malware on your cellphone, and can even scan links sent through text messages. In the event that your device gets stolen, you'll even have the option to block access to your information, or wipe the device completely.

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There are free mobile security apps out there, although generally these are less robust and updated less frequently than more established apps. Your best option may be a mobile security solution that offers a free trial period, so you can see the app in action before you decide to make a purchase.

Some industry leaders also offer combination security packages that can protect your cell phone, tablet and computer all at the same time. It may seem like there's already a ton of mobile spyware and malware out there, but the problem is not going away.

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We use cookies to make your experience of our websites better. One of the first websites to offer the service, FlexiSpy, lists compatible phones including Nokia, Blackberry and some Samsung models. If you get hold of a person's mobile phone, you just know their life.

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The software also allows you to check up the on the kids or even business rivals. You make the payment to FlexiSpy, you get the phone and from that phone you send off an email to a said address.

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You get a reply and the reply gets stored on the phone. Once that bit of software is installed, you go back online, punch in a password and you can read every text and phonecall.

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