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The truth spy brings clients best solutions for their business conduction, since it provides additional safety level, once collecting important information needed for a corporate data security.

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TheTruthSpy is one of the most popular and well-used mobile spy tools worldwide. A wide range of features it provides mostly causes its popularity. The list of payment methods provided by TheTruthSpy includes almost all existed ones, thus there will be no difficulty with ordering a chosen package.

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According to numerous the truth spy reviews, the software provides main features of an advanced mobile spy tool, together with few additional ones in a Gold Package. TheTruthSpy mobile spy software operates in stealth regime, thus no one will ever guess he was spied. According to many thetruthspy reviews, these options are mostly used by businesspeople, who tend to keep a corporate data safe, and be sure their employees stay loyal to own company.


Truth Spy also allows viewing information and messages on the most popular social networks and messengers, like Skype, Viber, BBM, Facebook, etc. TheTruthSpy provide a convenient remote control panel, where all the information gathered is sent. If you are in need of a spy software solution, which will cater to your personal needs, then Spyera application is the solution for you. Spyera ranks among the top few excellent software solutions in the Android market for monitoring and tracking activities. Spyera is highly compatible with all the Android devices even if it is not rooted. It may sometime face issues with Android version 5.

The installation just takes minutes of your time. It provides the user with great interface to carry out their spying activities. You can track down the GPS location of target on a real time basis. This app also alerts you when a sim card has been changed on the targeted Android device.

Spyera comes with a Password Cracker feature which helps you to fetch email, applications and Android phones passwords. This feature notifies whenever a password is changed or notified on an Android device by accessing local cache or a temporary memory. Spyera is completely undetectable from home screen, task manager and launcher. You can also remotely update the server, uninstall application or even move the app to different platform.

Ear Spy is one of the best spy applications, exclusively for spying on conversations, which help you to monitor the conversations around you. This application can be called as the best high-powered Eavesdropping tool. Your Android device microphone comes handy when using this application, as it amplifies the sound around for you to easily listen to conversations even at distant locations like room other than yours.

Ear Spy comes with a graphic audio equalizer to aid the process of simplifying audio signals. The only necessity to utilize this app is headsets, without which you will fail to listen to conversations properly.

What is TheTruthSpy?

Ear Spy Pro versions comes with super benefits like Echo cancellations, noise suppressions, MP3 recording and virtualizer. This application is absolutely free of cost and comes with no hidden charges. It is useful to people who just want to eavesdrop or try getting more information from a secret conversation. You can also spy on people by using a Bluetooth headset with the Ear Spy application.

Full Setup The Truth Spy

All you need to do is turn on your Bluetooth device and leave your phone at a place where you want to spy, and this device will do wonders. It also helps you to track down browsing history over the internet, instant messaging chats and whereabouts of the target device. This application will help you to directly retrieve the confidential information like SMS, passwords, call history, GPS locations and even screenshots of the data required over your remote web account. This app comes with a 3-day free trail that enables you to try out different features of the application, without having the need to actually shell out a single rupee.

The iKeyMonitor app can only be installed with physical access to the device on which you want to spy. Also, for WhatsApp and screenshot logging, you will need to root the device. TheOneSpy is one of the most affordable spy application solutions that also happen to cover almost all the features for the monitoring purpose for your children, spouse or even employees.

Program Details

Once the application is installed on their Android devices, you will receive each activity log from their device to you TheOneSpy control panel. While the application runs on the target device, it remains totally undetectable and continues the spying activity without any glitch. This application lets you access the GPS location of the target Android device, and the representation of the information is done on the Google Maps for exact and accurate results.

TheOneSpy also helps to accumulate all the information regarding the currently used app on the target device with the access timings. TheOneSpy lets you view the pictures and videos remotely on other Android devices on a separate TheOneSpy web account, without even a slightest chance of detection. The most unique feature of the application which actually distinguishes it from its competitors is its flexibility to monitor and track multiple devices at a time.

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  • It can also track their browsing history with social network accounts. It allows you to try out a demo version of the cell monitoring software before actually purchasing it. This application is compatible with Android versions from 1. Do you want to know the whereabouts of your friends, children or spouse?

    SpyHuman Monitoring App

    Cell Tracker is definitely the app you might be looking for. It is not a typical spy app but helps you monitor GPS locations of the target Android device. It allows you to track down the places and the overall activities for the day of the target device. The application provides a very user friendly interface for the users. You get the information on an hourly or daily basis. All you need to do is install the app, and check the box in the control panel for timely collection of information location. Cell Tracker automatically collects the information about the whereabouts of the target device holder through Wi-Fi or GPRS service every half an hour.

    It is compatible with all the Android versions and comes free of cost.

    It is compatible with top Android cell phones and caters to your needs with ease. It also covers the basic features of tracking messages, social media website contents, call history and also the browsing history over the target device. At any point of time, if your cell phone is stolen, you can just download the data to a remote location and erase it from the original device.

    Highster Mobile is the most advanced spy software, low cost and a very convenient application with high recommendation for parents and employers. It is up and running since Except for recording and call intercept options, Highster comes with almost every feature to spy your children or employees. The feature which differentiates it from other apps is OTA Over the air link. It just takes two minutes to install, and after that, it works anonymously without even a single popup on any devices.